The first version of RNA Ontology was unveiled at International Conference on Biomedical Ontology

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       The RNA Ontology Consortium (ROC) aims to create an integrating conceptual framework -- an RNA Ontology (RO) -- with which to understand RNA function in biological systems and to advance research in RNA biology, chemistry and genomics. The specific goal is to create a common, dynamic, controlled vocabulary (the RO), pertaining to RNA function and based on RNA sequences, secondary and three-dimensional structures. Thus, the central objective of the ROC is to identify all RNA features, interactions and motifs mentioned in the literature or appearing in databases, to agree upon a definition for them and to write that definition down in a structured manner. This is very timely as knowledge about RNA accumulates and progresses rapidly. The purposes for creating the RO are therefore (1) to integrate sequence and structural databases and (2) to create powerful software tools that bring advanced computational methods to the bench scientist. In short, this will advance RNA science by turning diverse information and data accumulation into knowledge. To achieve these aims, ROC will foster communication and promote collaboration among RNA scientists by coordinating frequent face-to-face workshops to discuss, debate, and resolve difficult conceptual issues. These meeting opportunities will create new research directions at various levels of RNA research. We hope that the integration of disparate sources of information and the creation of integrated software and collaboration tools will expand and enhance the ability of bench scientists to interpret their experimental data and of computational biologists and genomicists to mine genomic data. The ROC will work closely with the Gene Ontology and Sequence Ontology communities to create a comprehensive integrated ontology pertaining to RNA. The Consortium has the support of the RNA Society to actively foster participation in its activities and to seek broad input for its work. ROC working groups will report progress at the RNA Society meetings each year, and obtain feedback from the wider community of RNA scientists. The Consortium encourages the participation of all interested scientists.


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